Guerra & Gutierrez is not just any mortuary. It carries our family names and that legacy pushes us to be better. What the Guerra and Gutierrez families started decades agoówhat we stand foróis still part of this business today. From our very first day we have been a family run mortuary serving families of all faiths. Not all funeral homes today are family owned even though they keep the family nameóours is. Thatís our name on the sign outside and we see it as your guarantee.

As a family owned firm, we take pride in being family focused. No appointment is ever needed and when you walk in our doors, we listen to your requests, work around your schedule and within reason customize a service to your wishes.

Here at Guerra & Gutierrez Mortuaries, we have built our business on honesty, but some Los Angeles mortuaries donít share that philosophy. They sit on the grounds of Catholic cemeteries allowing people to believe they are Catholic Mortuaries. They are not, and because they benefit,they donít go out of their way to clear up the confusion. We know families count on us at the most difficult time.

Since our founding, the Guerra and Gutierrez families have always believed in fair prices for funeral services. We want the families we serve to have the very best services at a cost they can afford. We are about as far from big business as you can get. There are no commissions, no quotas and no pressure. There is no other mortuary with such a sincere and relaxed atmosphere. Thatís what happens when you are out to satisfy families instead of shareholders.

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